English Speaking Party in Saint-Petersburg

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Libertarian English Speaking Party - Elections 2012
ypolozov wrote in spb_esp
Libertarian English Speaking Party
at Starorusskaya str., 5/3 (SPb Institute of Law of Prince Oldenburgsky, 2d floor, hall)
on Jan., 29 (Sunday), 2012 at 4:00 p.m.
Organisational fee 100 rubles (tea included).
introduction, reports, movie, getting acquainted, discussion, games, tea.

Yury Polozov will make a speech about democracy vs. classical liberalism.
Irina Shneider (USA) will tell about US elections.

general topic - elections this year and electoral process in principle; democracy.
- What do you expect from coming elections?
- Do you care about Russian elections this year? Do you follow US presidential elections?
- Would you like to be elected some day?
- What is the difference between elections in our countries?
- What could be different if there were no elections at all?

Organizers: Yury Polozov and Irena Schneider (Russia, USA).
+7-921-3073291, Yury


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