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Libertarian English Speaking Party. Victimless crimes - Language practice, movie watching, discussio
ypolozov wrote in spb_esp
60.06 КБ
on January 22 (Tuesday) at 7 pm.
Language practice, movie watching, discussions, useful info.

19:00-20:30 Documentary movie
Derrick J's
Victimless Crime Spree (2012),
20:30-21:45 Discussion.
Here're some topics for the discussion:
- What is victimless crime?
- Would you put a man into prison for dancing?
- What victimless crimes do you know in Russia?
- Why do libertarians oppose the idea of victimless crimes?

Organizational fee 200 rubles (tea included). Free entrance for LA and LPR members.
Number of seats is limited. Please register by posting a note or contact organizer in private.
+7-921-3073291, Yury

Address: St. Petersburg, Maliy pr. P.S., 87
"Senator" floor N 4, office 411.


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